Bnha Self Care Zine

Serenity is a BNHA Self-Care Zine revolving around characters of Boku no Hero Academia


Contributor Apps10 Feb - 10 Mar
Contributor invitation15 Mar - 20 Mar
Creation period starts20 Mar
1st Check-in18 Apr
2nd Check-In15 May
3rd Check-in12th Jun
Final Check-In30 Jun
Preorders15 Jul - 15 Aug
Distribution of PDFs:20 Aug - 30 Aug
Zine finished1st September

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Mod Carmine

Mod carmine has contributor in serveral zines, is currently head/organization for Instinct Zine and general mod for Dynabang zine



Mod JY has successfully finished BNHA Eri Zine as Head Mod. They have been a contributor for many
zines and bangs as an Artist but also hosted several of them as a Mod!

Art Mod
Merch Mod

Mod Red

Mod red has experience contributing in 20+ zines and have been a mod for dark domain zine and one and only zine

Writing/Beta Mod

Mod Mac

Mod Mac has participated in 19 zines as a writer and/or a mod. They've hosted 18 fandom events since 2015. They also run a server community with 100+ people. All of their experience can be found here

Social media mod

Mod Klutzy

Mod klutzy is has experience modding for squid game zine, Instinct, Insatiable and Crown

Co-Formatting mod

Mod Pandalana

Mod Pandalana has participated in several zines since late 2019. Zines such as Nomtendo zine, Hades high school zine and a couple of Jojo zines as an artist. They've been in several mod positions as well, such as graphics, social media or formatting.